Monday, March 3, 2008

Multitude of pics to play catch up!!

Uncle you CRACK me up!!
lil buddies holding hands
three amigos
Miss KJ in her new Dora chair (from Auntie Gloria and Uncle Scott) with her ear muffs on her head and her brothers wrapped around her waist!!
Daddie and Kali
Alibi blocking out all the noise
Quad...when he was LIL
Uncle Hal,PT and Kali having playtime
peek a boo

Auntie Pen opening her Stocking
Miss KJ Liking her Starfish from Santa
PT loving Auntie Nancys Gift
Kali playing her heart out
Parker all SMILES!!

Kali and Alley having a playdate
Me and Laura Xmas Eve
Lil Mr Man Xmas Morning

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dec 2007!! Kids shots!!!

All Santa'd out

I should of done this before I had to send out all my Xmas cards so I could of put some photos of the kids into them!! But time to do what I want to do is NO MORE!!! Its all about everybody else and what they need so I apologize now for not being able to send out pictures to you all....but if you want print out the pictures you like! Thats the best I can do!!
So there you have it !! Thats most of my picture attempts! I wanted to dress Kali up as an Elf after but she was having no part of that! I will try again in a couple of days or so ...I want to get PT back as Santa, Kali as an Elf and Alibi( our Dog) as a reindeer!! I know I know GOOD LUCK TO ME!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kidlet various lighting

Even though this ones blurry I just think its cute!
I really LOVE this picture but I didn't have time to re adjust so its too dark! but I thought the effect looked olden!
Miss KJ and PT with the Mr & Mrs at their Children's Party!
Cute lil munchkins
Shes scarring me at how grown up she can look!
PT livin for the moment!
Cute lil Mister
"Nobody told me about CHRISTMAS!!!"
Proud big sister

My lil monkey face
sweet Miss Kali behaving
" Wow...."
" Look at our TREE!"

"Hmmm let me ponder that!"
PT, Alibi and Kali Joy
" Somebody feed me this tie just ain't cutting it!"

Happy Boy Parker

" Mommie PLEASE!!!!"
a lil too much EGG NOG!!
Guy Smiley
Giggle Monster
My lil DIVA

Well thats all for now!! I went a bit snap happy this last week!! Hope you all like em! Theres some there I just LOVE!!!!!